Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Very Pinteresting

Okay, it took me a week of thinking "what in the world is going on?" after I signed up on Pinterest to get in the swing of things. Now that I figured it all out, like 99.999999999% of Pinterest users, I adore it! I'm learning so much, like how to make my eyes have that smokey look, and how to not have the same hair-do everyday. Let me clarify, I am by no means a professional artist in the hair or makeup world. I get by just fine, thank you, but that's where it stops, and these tutorials are changing my day-to-day hair and makeup routine.

Moving on...I found this sock bun tutorial that I thought was really neat. Now that I have bangs, I'm channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn/Zooey Deschanel/Feist these days, and I'm all about finding new dos. As hard as I fought it, I might have a little "hipster" side coming out of me. I've purchased a few striped sweaters as of late, and I even own some skinny jeans now that I love (they're curvy so they actually look good on a curvy girl). I don't even know who I am anymore, but it's all good because I'm having fun.

Wow, another derailment! Remind me not to blog when I've had a cup of coffee, please. Here's the tutorial:

And's what I was able to do with it:

Oh, I love it!! I actually wore my hair just like this when I road the rail down to the great State Fair of Texas to meet some friends. There I sat in my (curvy) skinny jeans, a boyfriend cut v-neck, and my hair all done up while listening to Feist on my iPod feeling like I owned the city.


  1. Oh Shara, ABSOLUTELY stunning!!! Let me say it again, ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! I am so trying this but won't look as hot as you. Let's talk about this hair piece. What is it, where can I get it, and I need it! You make me want to have bangs. It's done, I am wearing my hair like this tomorrow!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks! You're so sweet!! I had to watch another tutorial to figure out how to make the sock band, but I took a trouser sock that had long lost its match and cut the end off where the toes go. I rolled up the sock - now a tube - to where it looked like a scrunchi, and voila! It definitely took me time to figure it out, but I love how it makes a bun look. Can't wait to see it on you :)