Friday, November 30, 2012

Busy bee

I can't for the life of me manage to be a good blogger. Well, if my life was actually on the line I probably could be, but it's not so this has been the furthest thing from my mind. There are days where something happens that I think "I should blog about that." Sometimes my friends suggest I blog about my photo shoots. And then there are times when I tell another story of a day in the life of a single girl and where it seems so obvious that I need a whole site devoted to the joys of trying to find a guy I'm attracted to that's equally (if not more) attracted to me. Yet I still can't seem to sit down and do anything about it. Now that works died down maybe I'll get on here more. For now here's a quick update... Since April (aka the last time I blogged) I've managed to: -celebrate the youngest nephew's 1st birthday
-hit up Six Flags and have a totally awesome 80s skate night
-enjoy New Orleans
-start training for a marathon -ride a mechanical bull
-complete my 1st triathlon
-tear my calf muscle(OUCH!!!!) -wonder when I'll ever fully come back from the calf tear -pull off a very convincing Rosie the Riveter
-keep a giant dog alive (She turned 1 on October 30 so we celebrated)
-cheer on friends running the Marine Corp Marathon and sight-see during my 1st (and definitely not last) trip to DC
-feel like a big girl for my 2nd opportunity to fly to another big city to interview for a job -actually turn away clients for the 1st time in ever because I had too many photo sessions scheduled (score!) during the holiday season
Oh and I've made some awesome friends, some awesome memories, and just all around enjoyed this awesome life -- but maybe I should wait till December 31st to get into all that "year in review" stuff. This is assuming I'll be back in December, of course.