Friday, April 20, 2012

Say hello to my "little" friend

I now own a horse dog. I'm the girl that always watches the American Kennel Club dog show, loves to dog-sit, wastes spends hours on, and constantly tells myself my job doesn't allow me to have a dog of my own. But then I got this email from a friend asking us to consider helping out a puppy who needed a new home. The puppy was 5 months old, and her owners just couldn't devote the time to her. She was free to a good home, and she was a registered Great Dane. Sold!! So I called my friend, got in touch with the current owners, and 3 days later I drove to meet my new friend. For 3 days, I was all over the place in my head trying to figure out how this would work, especially during my busy time of year in the Fall, but every con I had managed to have a solution. My biggest con...what do I do with her when I need to be in Phoenix for a week?? Take her to some friends who have lots of land and want to starting breeding Danes. See? It was meant to be, and a month later, I couldn't imagine not having a 65 lb (and growing) pup lounging on my couch, flying through my house at lightning speed, giving me whiplash with her tail, and adding so much energy to my house. Jessie will disagree with me across the board, but I think in another year she'll finally stop hating her new roommate. Without further ado...Meet Juno (Roman goddess of protection)