Sunday, November 6, 2011

Those Hollywood Nights

A friend of mine likes to go all out Halloween weekend. She's all about having reasons to throw a party and dress up, but when a holiday coincides with her birthday, there's even more incentive. This year her annual Halloween party attracted celebrities from classic movies to reality stars to even major league-ers, and to make sure she didn't miss a moment, she asked me to be the paparazzi. I had my first red carpet experience, and I even got to sit in on an awards ceremony. It was tons of fun!

And since I couldn't be without proper attire, I decided to find my inner "Girl Friday" for the night.

Thanks to Pinterest (yet again!), I found great hair and makeup tutorials to get a pretty authentic look, but I gotta tell you...I would not have been cut out to do hair in the 40s! I don't have the skills to make victory rolls and pin curls. As much as I love the look, I'm glad to be living in the 2000s.

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